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Alshain System


System: Alshain

Primary Star: Beta Aquilae A

Stellar Type: G8IV

Companion Star(s): Beta Aquilae B

Distance from Earth: 44.7 ly

Constellation: Aquila

Region: Inner

Population: 210 Million



The Alshain system is a subgiant star in the constellation Aquila.  Alshain lies 44.7 ly from sol and has a distant companion star.  Venusia is the systems primary planet, a water covered paradise dotted with green islands.





Dry hot world that has always sat to close to the sun for life.








Warm Venus type world, this planet once sat in the habitable zone.







Venusia is the primary world in the Alshain system.  The star is a fairly bright G class subgiant.  In the stars youth the planet Venusia was an ice covered frozen world, but as the star grew bigger over its life the planet melted.  Today nearly the entire planet is covered in a giant ocean, dotted with numerous green islands.







Jupiter like world.







Ice giant.





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