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Alpha Centauri


Alpha Centauri is a triple star system known for being the closest star system to Earth. The components of the system are 2 sun-like stars separated by an average distance of 24 AU,  with a distant red dwarf companion 15,000 AU away.  The Alpha Centauri System contains multiple planets with the primary being Tellus (Alpha Centauri Bd). 


During the early years of space exploration on Earth, as telescope techonology improved an abundance of pontentially earth-like planets started being discovered.  One of those planets lied in the Alpha Centauri system.  Probes sent to the system confirmed that the planet (Tellus) could support human life.


The majority of the early manned missions to Alpha Centauri involved small groups of settlers, unlike missions sent to more distant systems which could involve 10's of thousands of colonists.  After a few decades though, colonization efforts accelerated and the planet's population began to grow quickly.


System: Alpha Centauri

Primary Star: α Centauri

Stellar Type: G2V ☼

Companion Star(s): B K0V ☼

Distance from Earth: .37 ly

Constellation: Centaurus

Region: Sol

Mass (Sol): (A-1.1) (B-0.9)

Radius (Sol): (A-1.2) (B-0.9)

Metallicity: 170%

Age: 5 Billion

Region: Sol

Population: 500 Million


Alpha Centauri B Planets
Alpha Centauri Bb

Adranus (Alpha Centauri Bb)
An earth-sized terristial world orbiting close to the sun.  Becuase of it proximity to the sun, the surface of this world is covered in seas of liquid magna that's constantly being stirred by the gravity of the star.  Under a thick atmosphere and extreme temperatures nothing can survive, not even the hardiest bacteria

Distance: 0.15 AU

Orbit: 22 days

Temp: 535 K

Mass: 0.93 Earth

Radius: 5861 km

Gravity: 1.25 g

Rotation: -

Alpha Centauri Bc

Nephele (Alpha Centauri Bc)
The second closest planet to Alpha Centauri B, Nephele is a venus-like world under hidden under a thick atmosphere.  Greenhouse gases from the carbon dioxide atmosphere heat up the planet's surface to scorching temperatures.

Distance: 0.38 AU

Orbit: 92 days

Temp: 334 K

Mass: 2.24 Earth

Radius: 8352 km

Gravity: 1.31 g

Rotation: 105 hours

Alpha Centauri Bd

Tellus (Alpha Centauri Bd)
Named after the ancient Roman earth goddess, Tellus is the primary planet orbiting Alpha Centauri B.  The planet is covered in 50% water, the land areas are bulked in a large super continent and two small sub-continents.  Weather patterns on the planet influenced by the 2nd sun can be unpredictable, extended periods of extreme drought are not uncommon.

Alpha Centauri Bd Surface

Distance: 0.77 AU

Orbit: 262 days

Temp: 279 K

Mass: 1.46 Earth

Radius: 7368 km

Gravity: 1.09 g

Rotation: 65 hours


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