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AD Leonis


AD Leonis is a young, red dwarf, flare star located only 15.9 light years from Earth.  AD Leonis, like other young stars, is known for violent flares that can sometimes double the star's solar output.


Due to its closeness to Earth, the AD Leonis system was one of the first system's explored by humans after the discovery of interstellar travel.  A temporary science base was established orbiting AD Leonis B, with the mission of studying the young system.  Though, no permanent colonies were ever built in the AD Leonis system.


Outside of illegal mining operations that occasionally visit the system's outer Kuiper belt, the AD Leonis system is void of human life.




System: AD Leonis

Primary Star: Gliese 699

Stellar Type: M3eV ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance from Earth: 15.9 ly

Constellation: Leo

Mass: 0.40

Radius: 0.39

Age: 200 Million years

Region: Sol


AD Leonis Planets

AD Leonis B

AD Leonis B
The young world of AD Leonis B has yet to fully cool since the planets formation.  The planet's surface is volcanically active, parts of the surface are still molten.

Distance: 0.10 au

Orbit: 18 days

Radius: 5592 km

Gravity: 0.81 g

Rotation: 36 hours

AD Leonis C

AD Leonis C
The young gas giant of the AD Leonis System which is composed mostly of hydrogen and helium.  The nightside of the planet glows softly with light caused by leftover heat  from the planet's formation.

Distance: 1.14 au

Orbit: 703 days

Radius: 49286 km

Gravity: 2.05 g

Rotation: 18 hours

AD Leonis Kuiper Belt

AD Leonis Kuiper Belt
The system's outer Kuiper belt made up of cometary objects, centered around 20 au from the star.



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