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Destiny Mission
Mission Overview
The Destiny Mission was the first, large-scale, colonization project of another planet after rediscovering interstellar travel.  The mission centered around colonizing the planet Novaterra in the Delta Pavonis system.  Previous colonization missions on other planets involved only small groups of colonists.  The Destiny Mission was different in that nearly 70,000 colonists were sent to the planet.

Mission Details
The mission consisted of 4 ships totals, 3 large ships colonization ships and one scout ship.  The colonization ships carried the nearly 70,000 people in a hibernation sleep state across the vast distance between Sol and Delta Pavonis.  The scout ship carried a much smaller crew of around 200 people.  The mission was designed so that the scout ship would arrive first and build infrastructure for the large group of colonists.

Scout Party
The smaller scout party arrived first to Novaterra, as outlined by the mission guidelines.  They were tasked to build a city called New Hope that could accommodate the colonists who were on there way.  The scout party had 14 Novaterran months (580 days) to build livable structures in New Hope, and level out surrounding farmable areas.  Crops that were genetically engineered to grow in the Novaterra environment were to be planted around the newly built city.

The scout party struggled to finish on time.  Flooding and numerous storms during the first few months forced them to move the location of New Hope.  The city was only partially finished at the time the colonists arrived.

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