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59 Virginis


59 Virginis is a planetary system orbiting a yellow G-class star.  The system lies in the Virgo Constellation of the Inner/Sol Region.

59 Virginis was one of the outermost, original, Terran Colonies. The isolated colonists on the primary planet suffered vast loses during the early years of the settlement. Despite this, Terran based companies continued the send colony ships to the planet, looking to establish a population and take advantage of the planet’s extensive natural resources


Hot, muggy weather, diseases, and swarms of large insects plagued the world. Terran based crops were difficult to impossible to grow on the planet, this caused widespread famine along with the inability to support the waves of colonists coming in.


Genetically engineered crops were created by mixing a hybrid of Earth-based crop along with plants from 59 Virginis.  This greatly aided with the establishment of a large, permanent population on the planet.

System: 59 Virginis

Primary Star: 59 Vir

Stellar Type: G0V ☼

Mass (Sol): 1.16

Luminosity: 2.32x Sun

Distance: 58.55 ly

Constellation: Virgo

Region: Inner/Sol

Population: 600 Million


59 Virginis Planets

59 Virginis B
59 Virginis B is a warm, rocky terrestrial world. The planet's surface is composed of magnesium, copper, and carbon rock. The planet contains thin carbon dioxide atmosphere

Distance: 0.61 AU

Orbit: 160 days

Temp: 400 K

Mass: 0.79 Earth

Radius: 5,993 km

Gravity: 0.89 g

Rotation: 62 hours

Moon(s): 1


59 Virginis C
59 Virginis C is a common Venus-like world.  The planet contains a thick, cloudy, carbon dioxide atmosphere with sulfur clouds that wrap into bands around the planet.

Distance: 0.91 AU

Orbit: 296 days

Temp: 356 K

Mass: 1.23 Earth

Radius: 6,852 km

Gravity: 1.06 g

Rotation: 85 hours

Moon(s): 1


59 Virginis D
59 Virginis D is a habitable, terrestrial world covered in over 85% water.  The planet's land areas are covered in dense and swampy forests.  Hot, muggy weather, diseases, and swarms of large insects continually plague much the planet's land areas.

Distance: 1.35 AU

Orbit: 529 days

Temp: 290 K

Mass: 0.64 Earth

Radius: 5,462 km

Gravity: 0.88 g

Rotation: 22 hours

Moon(s): 2


59 Virginis E
59 Virginis E is a common hydrogen helium gas giant.  Though the atmosphere is made up nearly entirely of those two gasses, there exists trace amounts of neon and methane. 

Distance: 6.55 AU

Orbit: 15.6 years

Temp: 111 K

Mass: 2.12 Jupiter

Radius: 80,140 km

Gravity: 4.27 g

Rotation: 11 hours

Moon(s): 10


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