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52 Orionis


Orionis 52 is binary system in the Betelgeuse Region consisting of two white/blue A class stars separated by an average distance of 100 AU.  The system contains vast amounts of valuable elements used building interstellar ships.


During the early period of colonization in the Betelgeuse Region the system was ignored and viewed as just another inhabitable system.  Once the Orion Alliance began its rise to power they looked closer at the 52 Orionis System discovering it contained large supplies of ship building elements.  The Orion Alliance wanted to colonize numerous systems in the Betelgeuse Region, they needed an ample fleet to accomplish their goal, 52 Orionis and its resources were the catalyst that drove them forward.


The Orion Alliance constructed a large ship building facility in orbit around planet Ab, this facility in conjunction with mining operations in the system supplied the Alliance's armada.


When resistance factions started rising up against the Orion Alliance, one of their first targets was 52 Orionis, they knew they could limit the Alliance by cutting off their supply of ships.  The 52 Orionis Battle was a 3 day siege of the facility orbiting planet Ab which the resistance movement ultimately took control of.


System: 52 Orionis

Primary Star: HD 38710

Stellar Type: A5V ☼

Companion Star(s): B A5V ☼

Distance from Earth: 480 ly

Constellation: Orion

Region: Betelgeuse


52 Orionis A Planets
52 Orionis B

52 Orionis Ab
Ab is the closest planet to the parent star, a hot world bordering on the super earth size.  The planet is a cross between a gas giant and a terrestrial world with a thick atmosphere covering a small surface.

Distance: 0.81 AU

Orbit: 200 days

Temp: 655 K

Mass: 6.50 Earth

Radius: 14,550 km

Gravity: 1.25 g

Rotation: 50 hours

52 Orionis C

52 Orionis Ac
The closest planet resembling a habitable world in the system .  The planet is covered a vast desert and baked in ultraviolet radiation from the 2 large suns.  The planet's only colonies consist of underground mining operations assist the orbiting ship building facility.

52 Orionis C Surface

Distance: 3.95 AU

Orbit: 2137 days

Temp: 315 K

Mass: 0.57 Earth

Radius: 5301 km

Gravity: 0.82 g

Rotation: 65 hours


52 Orionis A Asteroid Belt
The system's thick asteroid belt made up of planet forming objects, centered from 20-40 au from the star.

Distance: 30 AU



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