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51 Pegasi 


System: 51 Pegasi

Primary Star: 51 Pegasi, HD 217014

Stellar Type: G5V ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance from Earth: 50.1 ly

Constellation: Pegasus

Region: Inner/Sol

Population: 850 Million



The most famous thing about the 51 Pegasi system is the planet Bellerophon, it was the first exoplanet ever discovered.  Bellerophon is a standard hot Jupiter orbiting close to the parent star.  The primary planet is Arionus orbiting just outside the inner asteroid belt that formed after Bellerophon migrated inward.  Arionus is an earthlike world with a large population.





The planet Bellerophon gets in fame for being the first exoplanet ever discovered.  At the time the planet seemed strange, a Jupiter sized planet sitting close to the star.  These worlds called hot Jupiters were later found to be quite common, migrating inward early in the system’s history.







Inner Asteroid Belt

The system’s inner asteroid belt formed after planet Bellerophon migrated inward.  The belt is rich in metals.








The primary world of the 51 Pegasi system, Arionus is an earthlike world that formed after the inward migration of Bellerophon.  The planet contains a continent a bit larger than Asia sitting across the equator.







Celeris is a small world with a thin atmosphere.  The soil is made up heavily of iron and iron oxide giving the planet a red appearance similar to Mars.  Sitting in the habitable zone the planet could someday be terraformed.







Melanippe is a world similar to Celeris except it is colder with more ice.  There is an atmosphere made up of Nitrogen and Methane.  Methane clouds can be seen forming during the cold winter months.






Outer Asteroid Belt

The second outer asteroid belt was created by the gas giant Helicon, and is similar to the main asteroid belt in the Sol system.







Helicon is a hydrogen helium gas giant.  Large amounts of Methane in the atmosphere give the planet a darker appearance.






Closest Inhabited Systems (50 ly):



Distance (ly)


Xi Pegasi






54 Piscium




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