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33 Sextantis 


System: 33 Sextantis

Primary Star: 33 Sextantis, HD 92588, HIP 52316

Stellar Type: K1IV ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance from Earth: 112 ly

Constellation: Sextans

Region: Inner/Sol

Population: 85 Million



The 33 Sextantis System is a system orbiting a K-class subgiant star.  This system was once fairly normal but as the star brightened with age the system changed.  The first two planets of the system where once earth-like worlds, but have are now lifeless deserts.  Life is beginning to grow on the third planet which is an ice world that is thawing.  Outside the inner planets lies a ringed gas giant with the moon Panarctica. 


The 33 Sextantis system was settled as a mining colony that grew very quickly.  Numerous mining companies moved into this system with plans to stay long term.  They later determined that the system didn’t have the deep resources that they thought it had, so the companies left leaving the worlds in decline.  The mining companies started a large terraforming project on the planet Premonitia with hopes of turning into the systems population center, the project was abandoned leaving the planet only partially terraformed.





This dry world may have once been earth-like, but most likely has always been a lifeless desert.  Desierto has little to no atmosphere and is bombarded with solar radiation from the subgiant sun.








Planet Alliance is a world that was beautiful until the scorching sun grew into a subgiant.  Today orange colored highlands can be seen rising over dark colored lowlands, these are the remnants of continents and oceans.








The planet Premonitia is a partially terraformed world originally planned to be the system’s primary planet.  The planet is cold world that is slowly warming on the outside of the habitable zone.  A large terraforming project to speed up warming the planet was underway when the mining colonies abandoned the system.  Today only a small area around the equator is not covered in ice.








The gas giant of the 33 Sextantis System that was once thought to have an endless amount of precious gases.  The planet was later found out to have only a small amount of profitable resources.







Panarctica is the ice moon of the planet IV.  Panarctica is the system’s primary planet and population center, though declining for many years.  Once the center of the system’s mining industry the planet is now considered a dying world.





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