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107 Piscium System 


System: 107 Piscium

Primary Star: 107 Piscium

Stellar Type: K1V

Companion Star(s): None

Distance from Earth: 24.3 ly

Constellation: Pisces

Region: Inner

Population: 940 Million



The 107 Piscium system is an inner region system 24 ly from Sol.  This five planet system was colonized during the first colonization era.  Today most of the system’s population live on the primary planet Capricora with a small amount living on Posiedia and the orbiting city of Zeusville.  The planet Capricora is becoming overcrowded.





Water covered world under a fairly thick atmosphere.  Poseidia currently has a population of around 5 Million spread out across manmade islands to small to be seen from space.  With overcrowding on Capricora, Poseidia population is expected to grow rapidly.  Plans to construct large islands or even small continents out of asteroids are under way.  This massive and expensive project, which could take decades to complete, is expected to make room for nearly 100 times the current population.







Capricora is the systems primary planet.  The planet landmasses are broken up into three continents, two large ones, and one small one.  A population of nearly 930 million means that this Mars sized planet is reaching its capacity and beginning to become overcrowded.  The planets resources and agriculture production is currently pushed to the limit.  Numerous projects are under way to construct manmade islands on Poseidia with hope of moving population growth to that planet.






Uninhabited ice world of Hadesia orbits just outside the habitable zone.








Cold distant gas giant.







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